Resonance Research

Survey Participant Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Resonance Research is dedicated to building trust and confidence in the use of our proprietary market research tool, Resonance Technology, and in all the research we conduct. To do so, we follow policies and practices guaranteeing that the privacy of survey participants and the confidentiality of their responses will be fully protected. This is our highest priority.

We subscribe to the Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, promulgated by the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO). This extensive code can be found at

In plain English, here are our fundamental policies regarding privacy and confidentiality:

1. WE PROMISE we will never share your email address without your knowledge.

2. WE PROMISE we will never share your individual responses with anyone outside our firm. All survey results will be reported as aggregated data or anonymous responses.

3. WE PROMISE you will not receive "spam" from Resonance Research. The only email you will receive from us will be a confirmation of your panel membership, invitations to participate in surveys, and occasional newsletters regarding Resonance.

4. WE PROMISE we will never use or permit others to use your name for any purposes besides research, and will only invite you to participate in subsequent surveys with your explicit permission.

Panelist Privacy

When enrolling, our panelists are asked to fill out a brief registration survey that gathers some personal and general consumer information. We ask for your email address so that we can send you email invitations to participate in our upcoming surveys. From time to time, we may also email newsletters to you to make you aware of new features running on our site.

The other information we gather, such as your zip code, gender, and birth year is solely for matching you with the appropriate market research projects. Remember, if you become a panel member, your mailing address (street address, city, state, and zip) will be used only to pay you the survey incentive, if you choose to receive your incentive by check.

The Use of Cookies on Our Site

Our site uses passive cookies in the survey forms for technical purposes only. We do not permanently store or retain your cookie information in any way following the entry of these forms. Cookies are used only temporarily during the time you are actively completing a survey and are not written to your hard drive.


Resonance Research takes strict measures to ensure every aspect of your information is kept secure. Access to all personal information is restricted, limited to a few key technical personnel, and handled with great care. Our internal database can be accessed only via password. We will never ask you for private financial or commercial information such as your credit card as a part of our research.