Resonance Research

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Resonance Research team?

Simply click here and begin the registration process by entering your email address. Welcome!

How long does it take after completing a survey to receive my cash reward?

Payment via PayPal will take approximately 45 days for your account to be credited. If you are being paid by check, will take 60 days. As noted at the end of each survey, a processing fee of $1 will be deducted from the reward payment when payment is made by check rather than PayPal.

Do you ever reward survey participants by entering them into a sweepstakes?

Rarely. Resonance Research almost always rewards survey participants with cash.

What do you mean by "emotion words"?

Almost any word is fine, if it expresses a part of how you feel in your own words. For examples of emotion words to inspire you, just click on the statement that reads, "If you need inspiration, click here." Click on any of the 12 faces that appear on the screen; each will display examples of emotion words.

What if I give you the "wrong" answer?

There are no right or wrong answers. Your emotions are your emotions. Just tell it like it is.

How do I get to the next page of the survey?

Scroll down the screen until you see a button with the word "Continue" or "Next" on it. Click it and you should get to the next page of the survey. If that doesn't work, call us at 978-740-4474 or click here to report a technical problem.

What browsers are your surveys compatible with?

Resonance Research surveys are compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or newer) and Firefox 2.0 (or newer). If you experience problems with an earlier browser version, we recommend upgrading your browser.

I got an error message. What do I do now?

Resonance Research surveys give two kinds of warning messages:

Other warning messages could be caused by browser incompatibility, loss of connection, or other problems with your PC. These issues are not related to the survey itself and may require the help of a local technical support person. Resonance Research is not able to troubleshoot these problems.

How confidential is this survey? Isn't there some way that my answers can be linked to me?

You have our word that every aspect of your information is kept secure. Our reports consist mainly of group averages, not individualized responses. Those who receive these reports will not be able to trace individual answers to any specific person. Furthermore, we will never allow your name to be used for any purpose besides our research (such as advertising or selling). For more details of our policies on confidentiality and privacy, please click here.

Do I have to answer all of the demographic questions (my age, income, etc.)?

We would prefer it if all of the demographic questions were completed because it gives us a better understanding of our respondents as a whole. We understand, however, that some questions we ask may seem too personal for some people; therefore we only require responses that are absolutely necessary for our analysis.

I completed the entire survey and did not receive my cash reward. Why not?

In order to receive payment, surveys must be completed in accordance with the survey instructions. You may not have completed the survey completely or in compliance with the instructions.

In order to ensure we provide the highest quality data to our clients, Resonance Research reserves the right to decline payment of the reward associated with a survey if, at its sole discretion, the company determines that the responses to the survey are incomplete, irrelevant to the survey topic, or that the survey has been taken after multiple attempts to bypass the survey screening criteria. Multiple completions by the same individual will also disqualify a reward other than for the first completion.

I completed 85 percent of the survey. Why wasn't I awarded an incentive?

We offer compensation for completed surveys. There is no fair, qualitative manner in which to measure a partially completed survey — and in order to be fair to our panelists, we choose to reward individuals who complete a survey in its entirety.

How do I report a technical error/bug with the survey?

You may call us directly toll free at 978-740-4474 or email Please keep your survey open to the page where you experienced a problem. If you close your browser you cannot restart the survey where you left off.

You still haven't answered my question. Now what do I do?

If you have questions or comments feel free to call us toll-free at 978-740-4474 (Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:30 EST) or email us at