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"Your surveys are interesting, interactive, thought-provoking, meaningful to me as a consumer, and never have technical issues – plus payment is timely."
Paula, Resonance Team member since 2007

"This is the kind of survey I really enjoy. It allowed for individual input and ‘opinions’ … the best survey I have completed in the last 5 years."
Mike, Resonance Team member since 2004

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At Resonance Research, we want to know how you feel about products, services,
politics, social issues, and more. If you have opinions to share and are over 18, please
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For product surveys, we generally offer rewards of $3 - $5. The reward for surveys
about social issues is often simply the chance to speak out - and to learn about the

Our surveys are unique and enjoyable, and you can depend on us to pay any
promised incentives for successfully completed surveys. Members of our team
receive email invitations to participate.

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